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27 Apr

Need Power – Get Fusion!

Posted in Recommended Software on 27.04.15

npgfWhen Fusion first arrived on the scene, NetObjects promised designers the kind of control over their Web sites that they had over print pages, but the company couldn’t deliver. Although version 2.0 made great strides, it’s only with version 3.0 that NetObjects has delivered a versatile Web development tool. Now sporting flexible page and site editors and strong support of Dynamic HTML features, Fusion has come of age.

Ahead of Its Time

Fusion’s pasteboard has always been one of the program’s killer features. With a pasteboard-layout metaphor, you create complex Web pages simply by dragging and dropping text and images on a page. Fusion generates the HTML code when you’re ready to put your page on the Web.

Previous versions of Fusion use complicated grids to replicate a user’s designs within the limitations of HTML. You can now also choose to use Layers, a new feature supported in version 4.0 and later browsers, to draw pages without the hidden complexity of grids. (The older, table-based system remains if you need compatibility with older browsers.) Fusion

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17 Apr

Too Much Traffic? Use This…

Posted in Uncategorized on 17.04.15

tmtMany of the shutdowns and other problems that electronic commerce Web sites experienced during the recent holiday season could have been avoided if developers had been able to effectively test the ability of their applications to handle heavy traffic.

Using WebLoad 3.0, released last month by RadView Software Inc., we could test any Web application to see how it handles high levels of traffic and also check its ability to meet necessary performance goals. Prices for WebLoad start at $4,000 for 100 virtual clients, which is on par with most of its competitors, although basic performance testing tools are available for free.

Nevertheless, WebLoad’s easy-to-use test script creation capabilities and powerful and flexible performance testing features make it well worth paying for. WebLoad 3.0 is one of the best Web server and application testing tools we’ve seen and earns an Analyst’s Choice designation.

By focusing on the performance of Web applications such as e-commerce stores, WebLoad also fills an important need that has gone mostly unmet by competing testing tools. Rival products either

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02 Apr

Supply Chain Management Maximizes Sweet Efficiencies

Posted in Uncategorized on 02.04.15

By now, the supply-chain metaphor is a familiar one. It helps us visualize the coordinated flow of goods and information, from raw materials through to the end user.

scmThe supply-chain metaphor also signifies interdependence. If any single link is missing or weak, the supply-chain effort becomes ineffective or may even fail. From a conceptual viewpoint, therefore, it’s hard to say that any one function or link is more important than another. In practice, however, certain functions have an exceptionally strong impact on the success of a company’s supply-chain program.

One of those areas is purchasing. Purchasing professionals are on the “front lines” of supply-chain management. Their position at the top of the chain – linking manufacturer and supplier – is crucial to the success of the manufacturer’s relationship with its customers down the line.

“If you look at supply-chain management from a holistic point of view, purchasing is where the rubber hits the road;’ says Greg Cudahy, associate partner

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