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06 Jul

Express Air Shipping Still Innovating

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When you have no time to waste – when a package or shipment has to get there today, where can you turn?


Most of us automatically call one of the door-to-door services like United Parcel Service, Federal Express, RPS, and their competitors. These “integrated carriers,” which own and/or operate their own vehicles and aircraft, often are the right ones for the job. But there are other types of expedited services that sometimes are more suitable and more economical.

One option is to use door-to-door courier services. These companies may be local, regional, national, or even international in scope. They operate the local ground portion of a move and contract out with scheduled airlines or other carriers for the long haul. This is a very popular service, and continues to grow, says Launchscore.com, a small business opportunity data tracking website. Expedited trucking services, meanwhile, often are the right choice for large shipments. A number of overnight options are available, and some carriers even offer same-day delivery within a certain geographic range.

A third option – and the one on which this article will focus – is to use t

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27 Jun

The Deadly Repercussions of Snoring

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Snoring is a loud emission of noise that is a result of a blockage in the air passage that obstructs air flow. The blockage is either in the nasal passage or in the throat and causes the larynx to vibrate abnormally, emitting the sound of snoring. When the obstruction is nasal, this is most likely due to allergies, colds or a deviated septum. When the obstruction is in the throat, it is almost always caused by the tongue falling back and blocking air flow.

Snoring and sleep apnea are two separate conditions. Occasional snoring is a nuisance and can lead to increased risk of heart disease as well, however chronic snoring or sleep apnea is a deadly condition that deprives the body of necessary levels of oxygen.

Chronic snoring is often diagnosed as sleep apnea, a condition that does much more than interrupt sleep. When someone snores, they are taking in less air, and so less oxygen, than someone who does not snore. With less oxygen being taken into the lungs, the body is unable to function as well as someone who does not snore, and therefore has a higher oxygen intake during sleep. Oxygen is taken in by red blood cells and pumped through the body by the heart, which is strengthened by higher levels of oxygen. When oxygen intake is low, the heart is unable to work as efficiently and it struggles. This leads to dozens of other problems that affect the body and its function.

When the heart is forced to work harder because of a lack of oxygen, the snorer’s blood pressure becomes elevated. As the snorer essentially struggles to breathe throughout the night, blood pressure soars and arteries become clogged. Abnormal blood pressure leads to stroke as blood vessels in the brain are eventually weakened as well as the formation of blood clots. Blood clots can cause an aneurism or stroke, both of which can be fatal or have irreparable consequences. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is virtually symptomless and difficult to detect without a blood pressure test. This is a cardiovascular issue, common to those with chronic snoring or sleep apnea, and eventually leads to heart attack.

Snoring can be dealt with, however, using anti snoring mouthpieces, like those discussed here.

Stroke caused from an increase in plaque in the throat, or carotid atherosclerosis, is another repercussion of chronic snoring. As you snore, the arteries in the neck become thinner and thinner, allowing for greater plaque build-up which leads to stroke. A stroke cuts off the brain’s blood supply, causing damage

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27 Jun

WebTrends Security Laid A Lot Of Groundwork

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wtslWebtrends security analyzer is a promising new player in the systems and network security scanning field, not only giving network managers prebuilt tests to nail security problems but also letting them construct their own audits.

The only significant weakness in WebTrends Corp.’s software is that it doesn’t wield nearly as much power over NetWare and Unix servers as it does over Windows NT and Windows 9x machines, thus limiting it to Windows-centric shops. In PC Week Labs’ tests, for example, WebTrends Security Analyzer identified only seven minor problems on a Solaris server with known security risks. In contrast, Internet Security Systems Inc.’s Internet Scanner 5.6, a capable competitor in the security scanner arena, works well with a variety of Unix and NetWare servers in addition to NT systems.

Except for its operating system limitations, WebTrends Security Analyzer 2.0 the first release of the product despite its version number is a great choice for “agentless” detection of vulnerabilities on Windows NT servers

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20 Jun

Designing RF Systems: With The Proper Tools, It’s Easy

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This high degree of integration is especially useful in the manufacture of high-volume products. Items such as cellular and cordless telephones, and wireless LAN equipment benefit from the technology because their product development costs can be spread over hundreds of thousands of units. For instance, Texas Instrument’s TMS320C54x line of DSP ICs have an architecture that has been optimized specifically for use in the baseband sections of wireless terminals and base stations. These low-power (35-100 roW) DSP ICs feature 50 MIPS of processing power. Some also have a hard-wired Viterbi decoding accelerator that reduces a Viterbi “butterfly update” to only four instruction cycles. This addition greatly simplifies channel decoding for applications like GSM handsets and base stations.

Wireless data also is moving into the mainstream, allowing many manufacturers to offer highly integrated solutions. One good example is the SX045 spread-spectrum transceiver, which is offered by

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19 Jun

Can RAID 5 Data Be Recovered Online?

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raid5No matter what type of damage RAID has, it must be fixed in order to keep the devices working properly. On one side, the user may need to fix a broken RAID array once in a while, and on the other side, he must do the recovery process. In times of emergency, even an Irvine based RAID data recovery service like this company can help.

In RAID 0 recovery versions, this page gives step-by-step on how to start and finish recovery successfully, but users must be careful with potential problems that may occur. There may be cases when the data is totally corrupted, and even the whole array stops functioning. If the drivers are not

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06 Jun

Advertise Online With A Good SEO Company

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aowseoIf your online business is not performing as it should, it is high time for you to find some help. Find someone that offers complete SEO services for your online business needs at a price that you can easily afford. First, a good marketing company will provide you with content that can lure visitors to your web site and see the products or services that you are selling. This content is rich in keywords that are trending in your niche. Written to be SEO- friendly, these articles will attract search engines to crawl and index your pages.  Once your pages are indexed, there is a chance for the ranking of your pages to go up. When an internet user search for information from the internet using the keywords found in your content, your web page with the keyword will appear…

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01 Jun

RFID More And More Key For Transport Companies

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Radio-frequency tags have become a must for the nation’s rail operations. Now, motor carriers are discovering plenty of uses for tags both on the road and in the yard.

rfA few years ago, radio-frequency (RF) tags or transponders were used only in the rail industry and then, only as a means of tracking rail-cars. Today, however, tags have begun to catch on in the trucking industry, where private fleets and for-hire carriers alike are testing tags to speed up highway inspections and customs clearance and to identify equipment and loads.

Although only a few companies are experimenting with these devices right now, many industry experts believe tags will soon see widespread use. In the near future, they predict, tags will become as commonplace as bar codes when it comes to automatic-identification equipment used in distribution. “This technology is going to [revolutionize] the way some people manage their fleets,” predicts Jim Mathis, a vice president of engineering at trucking software maker Industrial Computer Systems in Evergreen, Colo.

Tale of the Tag

What is an RF tag? Basically, the tag consists of an antenna and microcircuit for data storage. The antenna can transmit the stored information – such as a trailer ID – via radio waves to a reader. Because radio waves are used, a tag reader does not require a direct line of sight to capture and decode information stored on the device.

The tags themselves come in two basic types – passive or active. Passive tags rely on energy from the reader to initiate communication. Active tags, on the other hand, use internal power to send signals to the reader.

Until recently, RF tags could only transmit data to a reader over a short range – often no more than 10 feet. Newer tags have ranges up to 300 feet. Similarly, whereas earlier versions

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